Megan McClaurin dreams of her happily ever after in this 

swoon-worthy inspirational Christian women's religious fiction 

that's perfect for all ages waiting on God to write their love story.

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Starting August 2018

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I get questions like:

  • “Do you think I am meant to be married?”
  • “Is there such a thing as ‘the one’?”
  • “Why hasn’t God brought me the man/woman of my dreams?”

As with all of these questions, I can only send you to the source who knows the answers and that is Jesus Christ. I know many of you are feeling and saying, “Why should I pray?”

Can I be honest, prayer is what got me married. Prayer is what got my parents married (still married after 36 years), prayer is what got others I know married (married for over 40+ years) and prayer will help you too. Many of you are probably saying, Okay, I go to the Lord and pray but then what? Well, many say they have gone to the Lord and have prayed but what I have found was that they would gripe, cry and fuss at Him. Few were serious in their purpose when it came to praying. Few were serious when it came to listening and as a result, changing. Few actually searched the heart of God for the answers they have been wanting. Few were serious in going deeper.

That is why I want to invite you to join the All Chosen & Virtuous Women (ACVW) Praying for a Mate Group. ACVW Praying for a Mate Group was created because the second biggest decision you will make in life is who you will marry. Because it’s so serous, not only is personal prayer important but corporate prayer (creates accountability). When you come to an ACVW Praying for a Mate Group, you will not only meet new folks, but you will get an opportunity to discuss and pray about any concerns or fears you have about marriage. You may pray one time and decide you’re not ready for marriage, or several times and allow the Lord to make some changes in your life. You may also come if you’re dating someone, allowing the Holy Spirit to confirm your relationship towards marriage. For those already married, what an opportunity to come along side, encouraging and supporting those who want to be married.

We will not only be praying (praying will be the bulk of it though) but we will also have devotionals, readings, and discus topics such as:

  • What’s Keeping You from Getting Married?
  • The Past

  • Online Dating

  • How Do I Pick A Mate?
  • Becoming the Right Person to Marry the Right Person
  • Budgeting Now To Have The Future I Want
  • And more…

Are you ready to begin praying for a mate and hearing from God about the things that concern you?

If you answered yes, then, this 12 month ACVW Praying For A Mate is for you. We're looking for serious women.

Registration will be open for a limited time.